[klee-dev] Cloud9 and KLEE - POSIX features

Marko Dimjašević marko at cs.utah.edu
Fri Jun 24 03:10:53 BST 2016

Dear KLEE developers,

Can anyone comment on what's the connection between the POSIX runtime in
KLEE and in Cloud9?

As mentioned in a paper on Cloud9:


Cloud9 builds on KLEE. Have some or all POSIX features from Cloud9 been
back-ported to KLEE?

The paper was published in 2011 so I'm trying to understand the timeline
of how KLEE and Cloud9 developed.

For example, the paper mentions that unlike KLEE, Cloud9 supports
network and pipe parts of POSIX.

My hunch is those features haven't been ported back to KLEE, yet Cloud9
seems to be an outdated project, at least according to a commit history
of its Git repository:


It would be nice to have these features in KLEE, but probably no one
found time, energy, motivation, or all of it to make it happen.

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