[klee-dev] KLEE 2.0 released!

Cadar, Cristian c.cadar at imperial.ac.uk
Tue Mar 19 21:42:29 GMT 2019

Hi all,

I'm excited to let you know that KLEE 2.0 is now available!
It comes with a lot of new features and fixes, such as better C++ 
support, compatibility with the most recent LLVM versions (including 
LLVM 8), integration of CVC4 and Yices 2, better path merging 
functionality, improved support for vector instructions, a new 
categorized help menu and more!

Big thanks to my co-maintainers for this release -- @MartinNowack, 
@AndreaMattavelli and @delcypher -- and to all the 20+ contributors to 
this release, particularly @251, @AndreaMattavelli, @corrodedHash, 
@delcypher,  @futile, @hoangmle, @jbuening, @jirislaby, @kren1 and 

More details on the release are at:


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