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Tim Bray tbray at
Tue Apr 8 19:13:44 BST 1997

At 08:41 AM 08/04/97 +0000, Neil Bradley wrote:
>1. Is there a list of changes between XML language specs, to save me
>comparing them in detail?

No.  Sorry.

>2. Do others agree that there should be recommended models for representing
>complex structures such as tables and mathematical formulae, even if this
>just means referring to an existing standard, such as CALS tables or HTML
>tables, and ISO 12083 math? At this early stage it would be great if
>potential XML software developers had a common goal, that would ultimately
>benefit users of XML.

Not as part of the XML language spec.  This might be a good ancillary
activity for somebody.  Our bandwidth is fully occupied just getting
the language right.

>3. Will CSS1 be likely to be considered an official style sheet format for
>use with XML?


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