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David Megginson dmeggins at
Thu Apr 10 02:29:19 BST 1997

Peter Murray-Rust writes:

 > The major problem is namespace collisions between ElementTypes.
 > Does anyone have a solution?  What if the incompatible document is
 > in a separate valid document (i.e. with DOCTYPE).  I'd value
 > ideas/epxerience here, otherwise we will have to produce some
 > kludge.

The solution is to define tables (etc.) as base architectures, and
then to map specific DTDs using architectural forms, something like

  <?ArcBase xmlTable>

  [notation and entity declarations omitted]

  <!ELEMENT table     (tr+)>
  <!ATTLIST table
    xmlTable #FIXED "xmlTable">

  <!ELEMENT tr        (tc+)>
  <!ATTLIST tr
    xmlTable #FIXED "xmlTableRow">

  <!ELEMENT tc        (#PCDATA)>
  <!ATTLIST tc
    xmlTable #FIXED "xmlTableCell">

Presto -- no element-type-name collisions!

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