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Thu Apr 10 16:08:52 BST 1997

Peter Murray-Rust writes:

 > > Architectural forms were originally specific to HyTime, but in the
 > > forthcoming Annex 1 of the standard, they have been generalised --
 >                          ^^^^^^^^^^^^
 > Which?  8879?


 > I'm getting the impression that this is at *processor* level, not parser.
 > I.e. we might need an AFprocessor tool in our Java toolkit?  Comes between
 > the parser and the application?

Absolutely -- they are still SGML (or in this case, XML) documents,
parsed according to the normal rules -- usually, architectural forms
just add some semantics to the parsing.  As I mentioned before,
however, it is _possible_ to involve the parser, as James Clark does
in SP.

 > > 
 > > NXP-based apps, for example, should be able to handle this, but
 > > DTD-less parsing will not be possible unless the attribute values are
 > > included in the document instance itself (I consider this a feature
 > > rather than a bug).
 > This means they are added to the declaration subset or to the pointers
 > to the entities?

I'd imagine that they would have to appear in the attribute
specifications themselves, though you could put them in the subset if
you wanted.  The DTD is by far a better choice, and since NXP uses the
DTD anyway, there hardly seems to be a practical excuse now for
DTD-less parsing.

 > > 
 > > The one short-coming is that XML does not support data-attributes, so
 > > it will not be possible to customise the AF support -- you'll have to
 > > stick with the defaults.
 > This sounds reasonable for a first step :-)

Perhaps -- some of the configuration is quite important, however (do
you want to provide a bridge element for the targets of IDREFs, for

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