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Fri Apr 11 19:27:02 BST 1997

Thanks very much - it's becoming clearer, and at least I've got the direction 
correct :-).  But I'm not clear what quantities are inherited...

For discussion assume that the declarations belong to MYDTD

In message <199704111037.GAA00242 at localhost> David Megginson writes:
>   <?ArcBase html?> <?ArcBase math?>

So in C++ terms MYDTD has two base  classes, HTML and MATH.  

>   [notations and entities omitted]
>   <!ELEMENT para ...> 
>   <!ATTLIST para
>     html      NAME    #FIXED "p">

This means that PARA (in MYDTD) inherits properties from P (in HTML).  Does
that mean it automatically inherits the content model and the attributes?
For example, the content model of P is
which expands to 
	(#PCDATA | IMG | BR | EM)*  <!-- several missed out -->
Can PARA assume these or does it have to map each of these (e.g. IMG) onto
	<!ELEMENT image ...>
	<!ATTLIST image
	  html    NAME #FIXED "img>
similarly does PARA have to explicity declare the same attributes as P in HTML?

>   <!ELEMENT fraction ...> 
>   <!ATTLIST fraction
>     math      NAME    #FIXED "frac">
>   <!ELEMENT sym ...> 
>   <!ATTLIST symbol
>     html      NAME    #FIXED "sym" 
>     math      NAME    #FIXED "symbol">
This is - presumably - multiple inheritance in that SYMBOL inherits something
from HTML.SYM and MATH.SYMBOL (though I'm not clear what).  How does the
content of SYMBOL relate to either of its two base classes?


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