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Peter Murray-Rust Peter at ursus.demon.co.uk
Mon Apr 14 18:38:47 BST 1997

The WWW6 JUMBO demo of last Friday is now available at the sites
	http://www.venus.co.uk/~pmr/demos.tar.gz  (ca. 1.1 Mbytes)

For those not at the demo, this is an INSTALLATION-FREE version in that after
unpacking it runs under any Java-enabled browser.  Start at w3_index.html.

This is intended to remain as a stable demo version until further notice and
is therefore suitable for including under definitive collections.  (Many thanks
to those who have offered).  It is roughly compatible with XML as at 1997-0331
but does not explicitly support XML-LINK (although there are examples of
hyperlinking from a pre-XML syntax - I've now converted them).  The intention 
is not to be a 'production version' - that is not yet possible for *any* 
XML tool :-) - but to illustrate the principles of (primarily) non-textual 
applications of XML.

It reads a subset of XML syntax although JUMBO will interoperate with Lark
and NXP.  (Indeed I intend to have a commandline switch for different parsers).
The latest version also works with ESIS.

Please feel to explore this version, and the accompanying files, but I shall
not 'fix bugs'.  I am particularly interested from hearing from people who
have potential applications for JUMBO.  [Two possibilities are: to write a 
converter from legacy format to TecML and use the TecML tagset and Java
classes; or to develop DTD-specific classes which JUMBO can automatically
load.  Note that since much of the semantics are resolved through glossaries
it's possible to manage many applications without writing serious amounts
of code.]

JUMBO will develop in true XML-style - snapshots when it becomes possible :-)
The next likely release after WWW6 will be for a CML demo on CDROM.  (BTW 
XML/Java is a fantastic technology for distributing maintenance-free 
packages, and ideal for read-only material such as technical manuals.  JUMBO
includes a primitive 'slide-show' mechanism which would be easy to develop.)

The later version of JUMBO includes support for most XML-LINK stuff although
the EMBED option isn't always implemented nicely (EMBED can refer to anything 
from a thumbnail to a monster GIF or new application).  EMBED often would appear
to require negotiation between the embbeder and the embedded on size, aspect
ratio, etc. - so I don't expect to get it right first time...


About 4-5 people have said they'd be happy to mirror XML material, and they are
well spread between the continents :-).  This doesn't need formal coordination,
but those sites need to keep in reasonable touch to make sure that they
offer roughly the same material of the same vintage.  

If the following is useful as a shopping list, I would find it useful if
sites contained a selection from ...

	- latest drafts 
	- parsers
	- browsers
	- XML-compatible DTDs 
	- example files and torture tests
	- XML-compatible entitysets 
	- tutorials, etc.
and pointers to other sites if they know there is additional material there.

As always it is caveat visitor, and there should be no expectation that a 
site is either comprehensive or rigorously up-to-date.  Some of us occasionally
indulge in sleep...


Peter Murray-Rust, domestic net connection
Virtual School of Molecular Sciences

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