Motivation for "_" as a name

Eric Baatz - Sun Microsystems Labs BOS ebaatz at barbaresco.East.Sun.COM
Mon Apr 21 00:14:25 BST 1997

In the 31-Mar-97 W3C Working Draft is the following definition:

  [5] Name ::= (Letter | '_') (NameChar)*
This seems to allow "_" to be a name and "<_>" and "</_>" to
be start- and end-tags, which seems "odd" to this acknowledged
alphabetics bigot.

Is that the intent of the Draft?

If not, is something like the following the intent:

  [5] Name ::= (Letter | "_" (Letter)+ ) (NameChar)*
Or perhaps

  [5] Name ::= (Letter | "_" (Letter)+ | "_" (Digit)+ ) (NameChar)*

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