Test XML DTD derived from Docbook

Terry Allen tallen at sonic.net
Mon Apr 21 02:17:33 BST 1997

In order to determine what would need to be changed in Docbook to make
it an XML DTD (a project the Davenport Group is contemplating under
the working name Duckbook, "Docbook for the Webbed," as Jon dubbed it),
I've constructed a first cut, available at


This is not yet Duckbook, and the Public Identifiers and copyright
notice are for convenience rather than an assertion of where this
effort is going.  The zip file contains a catalogue, a test file
"blue", and four DTD/entity files:  xdb.dtd, xdbhier.mod, xdbpool.mod,
and xdbgen.mod.  I tested a variant of this set (the variants
included minimization parameters) and "blue" parses as SGML.

I would be grateful if members of this group who are running XML
parsers would take the time to see whether this DTD, XDB 0.1,
is valid XML.  Please send me comments at tallen at sonic.net.

This release is not intended for real work, and I do not warrant
that it is good for anything, will not cause data loss or 
equipment failure, or will not rot your mind.

I excised all the table stuff, as I suspect that the CALS table
module we used (from SO TR9502) is probably not XML-safe.  If
anyone has adapted it for XML and is willing to share, please
let me know.

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