#PCDATA in model group that is not optional and repeatable (was: XML and repeatable model groups)

David Megginson dmeggins at uottawa.ca
Mon Apr 21 12:58:36 BST 1997

geirog at falch.no writes:

 > >By the way, you gain nothing by using "+" instead of "*", since
 > >#PCDATA can be an empty string.  
 > I know, but why isn't it allowed at all? (or why was it allowed in SGML in
 > the first place?)

Because full SGML treats all content models equally, while XML
attaches special restrictions to those with mixed content.  Full SGML
also allows relatively useless expressions like

  (#PCDATA & foo)*

and it will let you do many other strange things, as long as your
content model does not become ambiguous.

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