Proceedings for the 4th International HyTime Conference?

Steven R. Newcomb srn at
Wed Aug 13 23:35:20 BST 1997

> Does anybody know if proceedings for the 4th International HyTime Conference 
> (especially XML Developer's Day) can be obtained by us poor souls who are 
> unable to attend?

I can't speak for XML Developers' Day.  Jon?

As for the HyTime Conference, what we have done in the past is to
accept anything any speaker wishes to provide to the public and place
it on the Web, subject to some editing and added value if resources
permit.  You must realize, though, that getting such materials off the
Web is a poor substitute for attending a conference, and not every
speaker is able (for a variety of reasons) to publish everything.

There is another issue here, too.  The GCA can't function without
revenue, and it's not clear that the practice of giving away HyTime
conference proceedings can be continued indefinitely.  In general,
sales of conference proceedings represent a revenue stream for the
GCA.  It is possible that access to such things as HyTime and XML
conference proceedings on the Web may eventually become a "GCA members
only" (or even a pay-per-view!)  privilege.  But please note that I do
not speak for the GCA on this or any other matter, nor have I received
any indication that such a plan is under consideration.  I'm just
pointing out that Adam Smith's invisible hand can be expected to have
its effect here at the appropriate time and in the appropriate way,
once the XML and HyTime conferences have sufficient momentum.


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