Sean Mc Grath digitome at iol.ie
Tue Aug 26 16:26:55 BST 1997

>At 1:07 PM -0500 8/25/97, Sean Mc Grath wrote:
>>[Liam Quin]
>>>If this happens, it wlil be time to standardise whitespace handling at the
>>>applicaton level, perhaps.  Right now, I fnd this argument totally bogus.
>>What are you saying? Lets wait and see if the horse bolts - if he
>>does we will lock the barn door?
>This is a lovely example of how quoting out of context can replace giving a
>counter-argument. Here's the _substantive_ part of Liam's note:

[David Durand]
My counter argument (not reproduced above) *followed* the sentence you *have*
reproduced. A lovely example of how quoting....

Here is a concrete scenario that either illustrates the problem or
illustrates my ignorance.

I want to know how two XML applications that apply different
WS conventions can inter-operate losslessly. Specifically, why is this
scenario wrong? :-

I wish to perform a null transformation across two editing tools App A and
App B.

foo.xml --> App A --> App B --> bar.xml

I want foo.xml == bar.xml

App A : reads foo.xml and treats WS according to APPA-WS-RULES
        writes temp.xml

App B : reads temp.xml and treats WS according to APPB-WS-RULES
        writes bar.xml

Result : foo1.xml != bar.xml

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