Request for advice defining an XML based syntax

John Gossman JohnGo at
Wed Aug 27 04:38:02 BST 1997

	Thanks for the summary in points 1-5.  Those are exactly the sort of
points I am seeking clarity on.  
	The other option would be fine if I were defining a format with types
like "button".  But OXF is designed to describe generic data, the button
was just an example.  The DTD is strictly optional, perhaps even harmful
in the case of OXF, since the whole purpose is to make it so the reader
can salvage even partial or poorly formed files.

	John Gossman
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>Sent: 	Tuesday, August 26, 1997 4:47 PM
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>Subject: 	Re: Request for advice defining an XML based syntax
>You should also consider:
>  left="50" 
>  right="100" 
>  top="80" 
>  bottom="100">
> "Click Here"</button> 
>The XML element type declaration for this is:
><!ELEMENT button  (#PCDATA) >
><!ATTLIST button
>  right CDATA  #REQUIRED 
>  bottom CDATA #REQUIRED >

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