Papers Comparing MCF, CDF, D-C & RDF?

Steven R. Newcomb srn at
Thu Aug 28 00:30:14 BST 1997

> Does anyone know of any papers that discuss and compare/contrast the =
> scope of the following standards efforts:
> 	MCF - Meta Content Framework (Apple/Netscape)
> 	CDF - Channel Definition Format (Microsoft)
> 	D-C - Dublin Core
> 	RDF - Resource Description Framework (W3C)

This list happens to be the same list that I use as an argument in
favor of answering Tim Bray's "p2" requirement in the design of XML:
to allow mixing and matching any classes of objects (element types)
from any number of architectures, even if their semantics overlap and
their syntaxes conflict.  This seemingly outlandish goal can be
accomplished, and simply.  HyTime* shows what I believe to be
(conceptually, at least) the right way to do it.  (In XML, the
up-front declarative syntax may have to be a little different.)

*See Annex A.3 of the Second Edition of the HyTime standard (ISO
 10744:1997).  (


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