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Sean Mc Grath digitome at
Thu Aug 28 23:03:47 BST 1997

>> Bye bye the entire Unix family of line oriented text processing apps:-(
>Come on, This is a crock.

[Discussion about a *single* tool - Perl - from the genus "Unix familiy of line
oriented text processing apps" elided]

Since when is Perl == Unix family of line oriented text processing apps?

The world is littered with s/w tools that have line length
limits. These tools are *blown* by WS-less XML.

Throw out that grep, that text editor, that fgets(), that diff,sort,uniq utility
There all busted for XML use.


"Crock". I'll add that to my collection of spicy ripostes I have had
accumulates over the course of this thread.:-)

Time to end.

If nothing else, David's five paragraphs have been born from this.
I suggest they should be mandatory reading for anyone approaching
XML development.

It is clear that I see a problem that others don't.
Thus the odds are I am wrong.
I hope so.

Sean Mc Grath

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