Microsoft's JScript XML Sample

Craig Gingell cgingell at
Tue Dec 9 22:50:48 GMT 1997

I am keen to exploit the potential of XML in a project I am currently
working on.

I have visited the Microsoft website page
and cut and pasted the JScript to my own file. Here is my file -


I then enter
as the XML file I wish to parse.

I then get the following error -
An error has occurred on the script on this page
Line 134
Char 5
Error The tag is invalid
Code 0

Has anyone else experienced this problem, or is it just me ?

I am running Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 version 4.71.1712.6 on NT

Can anyone help me ?

Craig Gingell
Senior Software Developer
Lava Systems Inc
cgingell at
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