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Thu Dec 11 18:39:19 GMT 1997

I do believe that the Java XML Object Model referred to is the same as the W3C DOM. However, the DOM is programming language independent.
I don't know the timeframe for final acceptance, however, XML parser writers are free to read up on the working draft and align their code with the defined functionality.

The W3C DOM page is here:
The DOM Spec is here: 
"The Document Object Model is a platform- and language-neutral interface that will allow programs and scripts to dynamically access and update the content, structure and style of documents."

Mike D

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At 08:18 11/12/97 -0800, Don Park wrote:
>The situation is complicated by the fact that W3C is working on and has not
>yet released its own version of Java XML Object Model.  Since it will be

Is this the same as DOM? If so, is there any timescale.

Not being part of the DOM process I am now somewhat confused. Does this
mean that there is a formal program to produce an API for XML parsers? If
so, what is the timescale? I'm sure there are some readers who are involved

I'm an impatient beast and I worry about waiting for things like this to
happen if it's going to be a long time. During that time we'll have another
5-10 Java based parsers, all with different terminology. In another
proposal I will try to  address the terminology :-)

>difficult to have all existing Java XML parsers to conform to a single
>object model, I think the best approach is for someone to write a new Java
>parser framework which provides a reasonable object model and acts as the
>Universal XML Parser (UXP?:-).

Is this a short-term or long term solution? If long term, what is the
difference/benefit between this and the OM?

>UXP should use some kind of simple registry scheme and a UI to allow 

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