YAXPAPI (Yet Another XML Parser API)- an XDEV proposal

Sean Russell ser at javalab.uoregon.edu
Mon Dec 15 22:11:38 GMT 1997

On 14 Dec, Mark L. Fussell wrote:
>  [Did you post these replies also?  I don't yet see them from the list.]

Uh, probably not.  Sorry.

> > If you can look at your code and see Objects, you should go ahead and extract
> > them out into smaller classes.  OOP is going to benefit you and anyone 
> > else who is going to be reading and modifying your code in six months.
>  Although I would normally encourage this I think we are [or I am] on a
>  slightly more esoteric "size-management" optimization topic for a very
>  particular case of an ultra-small, fast-download, XML parser.  In any
>  other case, ignore what I said about file sizes and just design really
>  nice clean OO software.

Yes, especially when we're dealing with web distributed packages.

The argument to not use jar files because of their non-portability (in
that not everybody supports them yet) has weight, but will again become
increasingly insignificant as platforms become Java 1.1 conformant. 
Unless I am mistaken, jar file support is part of the required core Java

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