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Tue Dec 16 13:04:19 GMT 1997

This is a question about ambigous mapping of URL used as

Consider two files. A document "Test.xml":

 <?xml version="1.0"?>
 <!DOCTYPE test SYSTEM "test.dtd">
 <!-- note lower case t in test.dtd -->	

and in the same directory a file called "Test.dtd".

XML-PR states: "[The SystemLiteral ...] is a URI, which may be used to
retrieve the entity". RFC1866 (section 3.1) declares file:-URL 
as strictly system dependent, so what ?

Depending on processing context, the SystemLiteral may be 
interpreted as either a relative URL of type "file:" (not necessarily
case sensitive) or type "http:" (case sensitive) !

So if interpreted as "file:" the above parses fine on Windows and
fails on Unix. If the same pair of files would have been served via
"http:", the error would have become obvious on both platforms (404
File Not Found).

Should XML try to overcome this (e.g. by requiring case-sensitivity in
file:-URL, despite of the underlaying OS), or is this out of scope ?

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