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Norbert Mikula norbert at datachannel.com
Mon Dec 22 23:49:55 GMT 1997

Tim Bray wrote:
> At 02:04 PM 22/12/97 -0600, Ward Harold wrote:
> ><question name="why hand code parsers" class="potentially stupid">
> >Why is it that all of the XML parsers/processors I've seen appear to be
> >hand coded rather than generated via lex/yacc or flex/bison?
> It could be done.  At least one person I know is working on it.  And
> in fact Norbert Mikula's NXP uses, I believe, a lex/yacc-like-thingie
> for Java.  

That's correct, NXP was created using JavaCC. 

NXP is currently being redesigned (overdue) to 
conform to 1.0.

Please also have a look at :


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