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Peter Murray-Rust Peter at ursus.demon.co.uk
Fri Feb 21 17:23:38 GMT 1997

This is a test message to XML-DEV.  I am very grateful to Henry
Rzepa for setting this up at my request.  Henry is the one who
has to field the problems of bouncing addresses and so on.  Henry
has been extremely supportive of the development of CML and of
SGML-based publishing in chemistry, but please route any SGML/XML
queries to me rather than him.

This list is hypermailed which means that every posting is available
on the WWW.  The great advantage is that it's possible to revisit the
pages for factual information.  Please choose your threads and subjects
carefully.  Note, of course, that all postings are public and that you
should not post anything that you would prefer only a small group to
know (e.g. the location of pre-alpha code).

I have written an 'info' which should appear shortly - there is no detailed
agenda, but a general belief that if we take a collaborative approach to
developing components (of whatever sort) we can get prototypes and 
demonstrators working very soon.  We benefit from knowing that we are
all working from the same draft, with the same beta-release, or whatever.
Topics should always relate to XML in some form, although they may spring
from existing SGML applications and installations.

It is probably not appropriate to post large chunks of material (code,
document instances, etc.) to this list, but to post URLs instead.  It may 
be useful to evolve a page where these are listed, but I'm not offering this 
on day 1 (volunteers?).  The development of XML is very rapid and it is 
always helpful if resources can be uniquely identified (i.e. have IDs, date
stamps, or different URLs).  I am probably as guilty as anyone in this
matter :-).


Peter Murray-Rust, domestic net connection
Virtual School of Molecular Sciences

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