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Rzepa, Henry h.rzepa at
Wed Feb 26 09:16:06 GMT 1997

>Quite a number of people have joined the list and I'm looking forward
>to seeing some other contributions than mine :-).  The hypermailing of the
>list makes it extremely useful for extracting information by topic for
>XML-related questions, such as the current FAQ from Peter Flynn or (possibly)
>a set of WWW pages for XML-DEV-like resources.  I'd like to suggest that
>for commonly occurring topics we use the Subjects carefully.

I am trying to get the entire archive indexed, so that a keyword search will
be possible. That does not obviate the need for carefully chosen
subjects (I am sure we all are experienced in this).

Might I also ask about longer term archiving? After a year or so,
and depending on how the list develops, I feel that a permanent
record of these discussions 'might' be desirable (e.g
a CD ROM with an ISBN number, probably as part of
another project).  So should we
all bear this in mind when we post? Have any other IETF/W3C etc
lists been so archived. I dont much prowl around them nowadays,
although  I have seen lists quite literally stop in mid air as they
transfer elsewhere (or the moderator changes job!). Clearly, if
a long term archive is considered, then how much/any editing
should/can be applied etc etc.  I think its worth raising these issues
right at the start, so we dont have to fret later on.

Aplogies for the fact that  I did not mention XML once!

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