XML API specification

Gavin Nicol gtn at ebt.com
Thu Feb 27 15:17:24 GMT 1997

>I don't claim to have fully grasped the mechanics of _applying_ grove
>plans, but isn't the principle that you use them to specify which subset
>of the SGML property set you want in your output grove?  If so, can't we
>say that our PhaseI requirements are a 'grove plan', then use the
>relevant bits of the SGML Property Set as the primitives for our 'data
>structure' API?

Right. The core grove is a very simple data structure.

I do not think our *parser* API should be the grove that results
from parsing an XML document though. In my JAVA/C++ API, I do something
like the following:

   public class Property {
      public String   m_name;
      public Node     m_value;

   public class Node {
	public	Node         m_parent;
	public  Node         m_left_sibling;
	public  Node         m_right_sibling;
	public  Node         m_first_child; 
	public  Vector       m_properties;

   public interface GroveEventHandler {
	public OnStartNode(Node node);
	public OnEndNode(Node node);

I think for XML, we should probably get more concrete. The question
is how much more concrete? How much information *must* the API support?
Do we *need* Element, Attribute, Comment, PI, Header, DTD, MarkedSection,
EntityReference, Entity etc. etc?

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