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Fri Feb 28 17:23:07 GMT 1997

At 2:54 PM +0000 2/27/97, Peter Murray-Rust wrote:
>In message <199702271419.JAA24115 at nathaniel.ebt> gtn at ebt.com (Gavin Nicol)
>> I think that for the *parser*, we should define an event-handling
>> interface, as it is much simpler to build certain applications
>> that way, and because you can build a tree from a stream of
>> events if you need to.
>In CoST Joe English supported both eventStreams and trees (I'm sure Joe will
>have some wisdom on this one).  I started off using the event mechanism
>and switched to a tree-based one but I suspect that this was the nature of

An addition to my previous advocacy of event-based processing.

It may be worth defining/supplying classes for a standard tree
representation, and a standard builder class that can create those -- so we
define the stream, but provide a ready-cooked abstract sytnax tree
representation for those who want it.

Personally I see groves as semantically equivalent to the API, but as so
obscure that they should not be a priority for our explanations of the API.
We probably need to refer to groves, for those who already know about them.
However, very few of our target audience of implementors will already know
about groves, nor will they care, if they can understand the API without

I see XML-groves and XML-API as parallel and needing to be in synch. I
don't see either as having to depend on the other, though, and frankly,
given the relative penetration of groves and Java into the "global
developer consciousness", I don't see groves as that high a priority.

  -- David

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