Trees versus event streams

F. Chahuneau - General Manager fcha at
Fri Feb 28 23:22:20 GMT 1997

[Peter Murray-Rust (Peter at, Thu, 27 Feb 1997]

> My current problem may highlight this. A CML document is highly 
> tree-structured and contains no mixed content, so that eventStreams don=
> contribute much. BUT it also includes chunks of HTML where a tree 
> structure is quite inappropriate. If I take a Lark-based approach (or m=
> own parser) the HTML gets rendered into a tree. I am now hacking this 
> back into an event stream to render the hypertext. Not only does it
> take more effort, but I'm sure that holding HTML as a tree has a
> memory hit. Ideally when I'm parsing CML, and come to the
> tag <XHTML> (sic) which contains <BODY>, I'd like to tell the parser
> 'stop parsing as a tree and just hold a hypertext string until </XHTML>=

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