Class hierarchies in XML

Giovanni Flammia flammia at
Thu Jul 3 03:28:24 BST 1997


In our research group we're trying to use XML for the textual
of semantic objects such as geographic locations, business listings,
addresses, etc.
We really need to build an object-oriented hierarchy, with classes that
are extended
by subclasses and so on...For example, a <restaurant> is a subclass of
<location> and
inherits the properties of <location> such as <address> and <street
number>, but
adds other properties, such as <menu>.

What is the proper syntax for expressing classes and sub-classes, or
types and subtypes,
inheritance and so on? i.e how do I tell in a document that <restaurant>

is a subclass of <location> (and perhaps allow even multiple

Can you point me to the relevant specs?


Giovanni Flammia.
flammia at
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