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David Megginson ak117 at freenet.carleton.ca
Mon Jul 21 15:38:59 BST 1997

Richard Light writes:

 > This is exactly the sort of problem which adopting the 'grove plan'
 > approach is meant to deal with.  In line with your suggestion, the SGML
 > property set starts with the class sgmldoc, or 'SGML document', which is
 > 'the parsed SGML document. The root of the grove.'  
 > In my view, XAPI should be taking advantage of this existing framework
 > (and naming conventions) where it is relevant to XML's requirements.
 > Didn't someone do a summary of the relevant classes and properties a
 > couple of months back?

I agree with Richard.  Like SGML, groves can be very complicated or
simple, as required, and XML can easily use a simple model -- just
enforce a single list of supported modules, as XML enforces a single
SGML feature list and declaration.  

Why redo all of the work for XML that's already been done in the
HyTime annex and DSSSL standard?  I can see no advantage in
re-inventing the wheel for XML: it will simply force software and
documentation to support two different, incompatible approaches.

I do agree that we need more and better documentation on groves, but
we will need to document a proprietary XML approach as well.

For more on the grove support currently available in SP (for full SGML
and XML), see


All the best,


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