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The DSSSL Developer's Toolkit (DSSSLTK) from Copernican Solutions Incorporated
is now available for download.  A distribution may be obtained from:

This is the first of a set of DSSSL technology releases from
Copernican Solutions Incorporated.

What is the DSSSL Developer's Toolkit?
This toolkit is similar in nature to the applet or serverlet architectures
developed by Sun Microsystems/JavaSoft.  This toolkit is a set of abstract
interfaces written in Java to allow application developers to work
with different Java-based DSSSL environments.

What does it do?
This toolkit serves as an interface between difference DSSSL components.  
It represents an architecture for building DSSSL-oriented systems using the
Java programming language.

What is available?
The DSSSL Developer's Toolkit contains the following:

  * Full source code to the interfaces and classes.
  * Javadoc for the API reference.
  * Configuration and makefile utilities for building the distribution.
  * A prebuilt zip file containing all the classes.

What is the purpose of the DSSSL Developer's Toolkit
The DSSSL Developer's Toolkit was developed as part of the Seng DSSSL 
Environment.  One of the design constraints for the Seng engine was a
completely componentized system such that developers could integrate
their own implementations of components such as parsers, grove, 
processing engines and the other components would not be affected.

In solving this problem, Copernican Solutions developed the DSSSL
Developer's Toolkit as a set of abstract interfaces for accessing DSSSL
constructs.  These interfaces were developed under the premise that they
should be standardized and include the requirements of more than the
development efforts at Copernican Solutions.

Developers interested in standardizing the DSSSLTK should contact
Alex Milowski at alex at

What are the licensing restrictions for the toolkit?
All the source is available free of charge and may be integrated into
other systems without licensing.

Is there an implementation of this toolkit?
Yes, our Seng DSSSL engine implements this toolkit.  Included in Seng is
the Java SGML Parser Interface (JSPI) which builds groves from SGML document
sources using a native library based on James Clark's SP SGML parser.  Both
will be available for download soon.

R. Alexander Milowski   alex at
Copernican Solutions Incorporated                  (612) 379 - 3608

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