Microsoft XML Parser in Java is Available

Peter Murray-Rust Peter at
Sun Jun 8 20:33:05 BST 1997

There are a few minor tweaks required to run or compile MSXML in a Solaris
environment - I have posted these to JeanP.  [The filenames need to be case
sensitive and correspond the class names; the JDK is stricter on casting; and
it also requires the constants to be declared before use.]  I'd be grateful for
any pointers on Java portability, and it's a good place to re-emphasise the 
value of test data.

I've been porting JUMBO to run under J++, and running into a number of problems
that don't arise in W95 browsers.  These primarily include the use of '/' or 
'\' in addressing files, but I also have a feeling that some static 
initialisation may occur differently.  Any pointers to experience on this
or WWW pages would be valuable.

The '/' problem causes me some confusion.  When addressing a File, I
appear to end up with constructs like:
	URL context;
	URL u = new URL(context, "jumbo.gif");
I find I have to replace it with 
	URL u = new URL(context+File.separator+"jumbo.gif");
to get it working under J++.  The question as to when separators are governed
by URL syntax, and when by file syntax is a difficult borderline.


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