WF, V, and MSXML

Chris Lovett clovett at
Tue Jun 10 04:08:09 BST 1997

	> I stuck the DTD in the internal subset because I couldn't get
the parser 
	> to find an external DTD.  
		I think there's a problem with resolving relative URL's
when the XML file is local and this only happens 
	under certain versions of the Java VM.  I never have a problem
if the DTD is specified with a full URL.  A fix will be posted when one
is found. 

	> WF versus Validity...
		I agree with what seems to be a general consensis that
DTD compliance should be switchable.   Currently the MSXML parser
handles internal subsets the same as external DTD's, and we decided not
to try and do any error recovery, so it is possible that there are also
bugs in the MSXML validity code.  These will be fixed promptly.  

	> Outputting the internal subset...
		The thinking here is that the MSXML "Document" and
"Element" classes should represent a complete object model for tools and
applications that wish to manipulate XML documents, which means being
able to recreate a complete XML file after being manipulated.  This is
different from the traditional "filter" approach where the XML processor
is a one-way filter.  I think the "object model" approach is a good one
for the encouragement of an XML-based application development
environment.  It just so happens that the command line "msxml" tool that
we shipped with the parser (so people could easily play with the parser)
does a full dump of the XML document - which includes any internal
subset.  In fact, the Document class separates out the DTD from the XML
Data.  If you want to get the XML data only, call Document.getRoot.
Eventually if people want to build tools to manipulate the external DTD,
it should also be possible to re-publish that DTD using the Object Model
API.  Currently the method doesn't do this, but eventually
we may add that feature.  People have also requested other options on
the method, like whether to pretty-print or not.  See for more on this topic.  

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