Re WF, V, and MSXML

James Clark jjc at
Wed Jun 11 04:34:28 BST 1997

At 10:00 09/06/97 GMT, Peter Murray-Rust wrote:

>The possible options include at least:
>	- nsgmls-like.  Full validation is the only option.  Any non-valid
>		dcoument is flagged and appropriate error messages or error
>		action is initiated.  

The current version of nsgmls (the one in jade 0.8) supports a -wno-valid
which disables most validation.  With this option it doesn't complain about
undeclared element types and attributes.  However, 

- if you supply an attribute definition, then it will check that instances
of that attribute conform (it will of course continue parsing even if they

- if you declare a content model for an element type, then it will check
that the content of the element matches the content model, except that it
will not complain about the occurrence of any element types for which no
content model has been declared (again it will recover from errors of this


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