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Jon Bosak Jon.Bosak at Eng.Sun.COM
Tue Jun 17 08:19:35 BST 1997

I announced this about three months ago and am just repeating it for
the benefit of anyone who recently subscribed to the list.

If you are looking for generated XML to test your XML application, you
can find it at our Sun documentation server,  This site
(not yet widely publicized) exists primarily to serve out HTML
generated on the fly from our SolBook (DocBook) database of Solaris
manuals.  To see it operating in normal mode, just point your Web
browser at

In addition to its normal HTML output, our AnswerBook2 team has rigged to generate an unsophisticated but copious alternative
XML data stream if you know how to ask for it.


The AnswerBook2 (ab2) manuals on are organized into
several large categories (alluser, sysadmin, etc.) with a number of
books in each catagory.  Thus, the Solaris Advanced User's Guide is
referred to in URLs as /ab2/alluser/ADVOSUG.  Two forms of XML access
are currently supported: TOCs and document chunks.  TOCs are accessed
via the @xmlToc template, and chunks are accessed via the @xmlChunk
template.  The @xmlToc template always shows a table of contents down
to the chapter level, no matter what level it is invoked at.

Some examples:

1. To get a chapter-level TOC of the entire contents of the server:

2. To get a chapter-level TOC of the manuals in the alluser category:

3. To get a chapter-level TOC of the Solaris Advanced User's Guide:

4. To get a particular chapter from the manual (as listed in the TOC):


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