XML Java API Standardization

Peter Murray-Rust Peter at ursus.demon.co.uk
Sun Jun 22 15:43:16 BST 1997

In message <199706221051.LAA26889 at mail.iol.ie> digitome at iol.ie (Digitome Ltd.) writes:
> (I am not a Java person so I don't know the syntax for doing the following
> in Java.

Just to reassure the membership - XML-DEV is not Java-only - anything goes :-)

> The following is a Python representation of a simple XML doc:-
> from XMLStructures import *
> x = XMLTree (
>         XMLElement("FOO",(("ATTR1","VALUE1"),("ATTR2","VALUE2")),
>          (
>           XMLElement("BAR",(),())
>          )
>         )
> )
> The nice thing about this is that it is both data file and parser rolled
> into one.

Presumably this is similar to a serialised object (except that I believe
that Java serialisation will not give a very readable file.)

A possible attraction of serialised XML objects (e.g. at grove level) is that
they would read into memory more rapidly, bother because no parsing was
required and presumably because there are tricks for allocating memory.
Obviously different parsers/applications would have different serialisations
but if we had a standard grove it *might* be possible to have agreed
serialisations of it.  Or is this off track?


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