XAPI-J [was: JAX]

John Tigue jtigue at datachannel.com
Sun Jun 22 19:00:39 BST 1997

For the benefit of XML conversations in Ireland, let's change to XAPI.
Now Extensible Markup has an extensible API name.

I'm focused on XAPI-J; is there any work in other language that I should
be aware of?

> Oh oh, We can't have that !!!   Here is a suggestion as an
> alternative..
> XAPI-J  pronounced "Zapi-J",  which allows for XAPI-C or XAPI-Prolog,
> etc.
> and therefore extendible for whatever language which comes down the
> line.


> > JAX is Irish slang for toilet! :-(


John Tigue
jtigue at datachannel.com
DataChannel (http://www.datachannel.com)

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