Character encoding questions

Eric Baatz - Sun Microsystems Labs BOS ebaatz at barbaresco.East.Sun.COM
Thu Jun 26 16:04:18 BST 1997

Thanks for you wide-ranging and graceful reply.

>  (There have been some suggestions that ... encoding
>  declarations [be] optional if there is an external carrier with a
>  character-encoding label...

I hope those sentiments are resisted.  Having something like
a declaration that is transport or operating environment
independent seems a lot simpler, reliable, and understandable.
If the declaration is redundant, it is harmless.

>  The reason I, for one, didn't lobby for allowing change of encoding
>  within an entity...

For what it is worth, I'm in agreement.  In practice I don't see
much need for such a feature and there exist straightforward ways
of handling such problems when they do exist.

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