Lark 0.90 available, with an application

Tim Bray tbray at
Fri Jun 27 02:07:04 BST 1997

Hi - Lark 0.90 is now available at

 - now does entity references in attribute values
 - does &#X style hex character references
 - has draconian error handling
 - the Handler has an element() method to serve as an element factory
 - lots of bug fixes
 - it's all in a package, textuality.lark

Doesn't do PE's yet.
It's now over 40k, sigh.

For me, the interesting thing is that it now comes with an application
named XH.  It was bothering me that I was writing but not using the
software, so I created xh, which reads the XML form of all the docs
I'm working on (XML-lang, XML-link, MCF, etc etc etc) and generates 
the HTML.  This used to be done with a mouldy tumerous perl program -
nothing against perl, but xh is a lot cleaner and nicer.  Also it
produces valid HTML, which the perl didn't.

Xh is interesting as it is probably a canonical customer for XAPI
(why did we lose JAX, I liked it?) - it doesn't use the event stream,
it lets the parser build the tree and then just runs around the
elements and attributes.

For Xh, I also, after getting it working, realized that I had re-used
Peter Murray-Rust's trick of just having a .class per element-type
(Class.forName() and Class.newInstance(), gotta love 'em) - I wonder if
this is just a coincidence or is this the basic paradigm on which XML 
software is going to be built?  If so, it might make sense to wire
a standard class-finder call into XAPI.

Cheers, Tim Bray
tbray at +1-604-708-9592

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