Request: more SGML restriction explanations

Eve L. Maler elm at
Mon Jun 30 16:07:24 BST 1997

At 11:35 AM 6/30/97 +0000, Simon North wrote:
>Please accept my apologies if these are non-developmental questions, 
>and my heartfelt thanks to all that have answered my earlier 
>I am trying to establish a few points and would appreciate some 
>enlightened answers ... 
>1. Is <!ENTITY #DEFAULT ""> allowed? This was really useful SGML 
>and would probably be pretty handy in XML. 

#DEFAULT entity declaration isn't allowed as part of XML.

>2. Are MS, MD, STARTTAG and ENDTAG forbidden in declarations?

Yes; bracketed text entities aren't allowed as part of XML.

>3. What exactly is meant by "no attribute value specs on ENTITY 

In SGML, data attributes are declared for notations and their values
specified as part of NDATA entity declarations.  Data attributes are not
allowed as part of XML.

>4. I'm not allowed data attributes on NOTATIONs, and I'm not allowed 
>name groups in ATTLISTs, but can I cheat and use the following:
>    <!ATTLIST #NOTATION element_name attribute_name attribute_spec> 
>or would this be illegal too? Could I get rouind it by using a data 
>attribute spec?

Nope, not allowed as part of XML.  Sorry!


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