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> At 11:53 AM -0600 2/28/97, Len Bullard wrote:
> >David Durand wrote:
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> >> I see XML-groves and XML-API as parallel and needing to be in synch. I
> >> don't see either as having to depend on the other, though, and frankly,
> >> given the relative penetration of groves and Java into the "global
> >> developer consciousness", I don't see groves as that high a priority.
> >
> >If relative penetration is important, spec it in COBOL or C.
> >
> >This kind of argument went on in VRML and was wisely rejected.
> >The commitment to a CORBA IDL is a commitment to a syntax for the spec
> >and not a lot else.
> If Gavin's information is correct (and I assume it to be so) this is false.
> IDL means that we get language-specific bindings for several languages
> including Java and C++, simply by applyiing an automated tool. So there are
> concrete technical advantages to using IDL, though we must apply those
> tools for the programmers, so that I don't have to find an IDL tool to use
> XML with my Java codebase.

Grove schemas (property sets) can also be automatically
translated/compiled to provide interface declarations in any language.
We do this at TechnoTeacher to create documentation-compatible
interfaces to groves stored in different ODBMSs, as well as to be able
to provide access to those groves from different languages and
environments.  IDL, Java, and C++ can all be generated easily from the
same property set.

It is not necessary that developers using these APIs (in IDL, Java,
C++, etc.) know about groves or property sets.  However, if there is
one canonical form of the API (the property set), a developer that
learned his way around the API in C++ will not be confused if he is
subsequently required to use the API in Java, Scheme, SQL, etc.


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