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Thank you Francois,

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> > My own development depends to a significant extent on what API I can 
> > use after parsing.I want it to be very clearly separated, because I 
> > see a parser as being a 'bolt-in' tool rather than a component which
> > drives the rest of the application. (Maybe this isn't possible, but it'> s
> > worth trying for).
> This is indeed possible and, to my opinion, it's even required.  This is > 
> how Balise is implemented, both with respect to both SP (the SGML parser > 
> module) and to its new XML "well-formed document scanner" module. The 
> parsing module should be able to operate in "slave mode", and this should>  
> be reflected at the API level (i.e. you need a primitive to trigger the 
> parsing of an SGML document or an XML fragment). This also means you need>  
> the parser to be reentrant. That was not the case with sgmls, but it was > 
> fixed with SP, and should not be too hard a requirement for the forthcomi> ng 
> generation of XML parsers/scanners. 

This is extremely valuable.  We appreciate that many groups will be developing
commercial applications that cannot be described in detail, but it's very
useful to know of the general strategies that are being or have been
developed successfully.  

Parsing is clearly a process where it should be clear to the user what the 
tool does and we shall need to be able to agree on terminology.  I imagine 
that some of the information above would form part of a technical manual 
or developer's kit and that it should mean the same things to everyone.
There are terms that are not part of the XML spec, but are reasonably 
associated with or included in an API because of the different ways of 
processing XML documents.


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