Simple approaches to XML implementation

Gavin Nicol gtn at
Tue Mar 4 17:35:53 GMT 1997

>Personally, I think we need an API with more power than ESIS, and
>secondarily should strongly consider a tree-style representation that can
>be optionally produced.


>I think that the API includes 1 call for each kind of information that can
>pass between the parser and the application, and _also_ an interface for
>setting options.

I would tend toward an event-driven interface, and an
option-setting interface as the core parser API. For example:

  class XMLEventHandler {
	public boolean OnComment(String comment);
	public boolean OnElementStart(...)

   class XMLParser {
	parser(XMLEventHandler handler);

I have some code now that does this, and it works very well.

>It's actually a good argument for a way to request that a stored tree be
>traversed to produce callbacks just as if a parse were being created.

One kind of handler I have is one that build a tree: it also
happens to implement the XMLEventGenerator interface so that
I can use it to feed an event handler.

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