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Norbert H. Mikula nmikula at edu.uni-klu.ac.at
Wed Mar 5 08:06:06 GMT 1997

I just want to describe briefly how to current API of NXP is

There is a Java interface declaration that I have called ESIS.
Esis defines a set of callback routines which, I believe, is 
pretty close to what Esis is supposed to deliver to an application.

I have designed this interface for my SGML parser Cappuccino.
This was done quite a while ago and I never really got feedback
on it. So it might not be complete.

Applications can make use of ESIS by implementing that interface.
One example, which is in the distribution, is to send the output
to stdout.

Yet another example, and I was using it that way with my SGML parser 
Cappuccino, is to built a grove. This grove can then be traversed
and worked with. Also for the grove API there would need to be
some discussion. I think Alex Milowski has already done some work
on that.

The treebuiler/tree-traversal idea also sounds good to me. 

Grove vs. Esis : I, as others, do believe that the grove builder can be
seen as a layer above the Esis interface. However, I guess we will need
to incrase the number of callbacks and hence probably find another name
for the interface. 

For many applications creating a grove would probably be an overkill 

Best regards,
Norbert H. Mikula

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