Associating DSSSL style sheets with documents

len bullard cbullard at
Thu Mar 6 03:32:02 GMT 1997

Gavin Nicol wrote:
> >A catalog entry that associates per type is good, but it
> >does tie you to the DTD.
> What do you mean "per type"? In DynaText, we actually use something
> like the proposal:
>    SEMANTICS  "popup" "ebt-fulltext-stylesheet" "Pop-Up Graphics" "grphpop.v"
>    SEMANTICS  "serif" "ebt-fulltext-stylesheet" "Serif Font" "serif.v"

I thought you meant, per DTD.

> >Having styles that are local to parts of the document are useful, as
> >you know, when  one does not want to write a complex stylesheet for
> >documents that have lots of context conditions.
> Yes. Multiple stylesheet could be easier than styles qualified by
> context in some cases. It really amounts to the same thing though
> the binding mechnism is different....

Yes and no.  The problem with the FOSI was that even though it 
worked, it was hard to specify style on elements in context 
when the contexts were complex.  We combine context and 
local stylesheets.  So, a parentage can be used, but a local 
stylesheet can introduce a new one, so the complexity is 
localized as well.  Conservation of complexity:  we have 
more stylesheets to manage per instance.


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