Which style first ? Re: Associating DSSSL style sheets with documents

James Clark jjc at jclark.com
Thu Mar 6 12:38:09 GMT 1997

At 08:37 06/03/97 -0800, Norbert H. Mikula wrote:

>DSSSL supports the definition of multiple style-sheets in
>one style-document. I do believe that this is a very important
>feature and we need to discuss how to employ it to the fullest.
>If I remember correctly, Jade picks out the first it found,
>and, I have to admit I don't have the latest Jade version
>installed, doesn't do anything with the others.

Actually if you use -d style.dsl#hardcopy, it will use the spec called
hardcopy in the style.dsl document. (I forgot to mention this in the docs.)

>My DSSSL engine, YADE, reads all the specs. and then picks
>out the first one that is has read and does the first
>rendering with it. All the other styles are put in a 
>list which the user, via a menu, can choose from. 
>I see the following problem. I am working on a DSSSL document
>that has one style for hardcopy and a variety of styles for
>online rendering. How are we going to tell the DSSSL engine
>what style to start with. 

Where the content provider knows which style they want, they can use a
fragment spec in the URL to pick out a particular spec from the document.

>The document/style author does not know what kind of DSSSL engine
>is going to work with his document. Thus the stylespec. itself
>must provide means to communicate to the DSSSL engine
>what kind of DSSSL engine i.e. online, hardcopy etc. a style
>is suitable for.
>Any ideas ?
>What about adding an attribute with a list of catagories
>of DSSSL engines as possible attribute values.
>For instance : output (hardcopy|online|....?) hardcopy

What other categories are there?  If a style sheet is for online use, then
it has to use the scroll flow object, which means it ought to list the
online feature in the features element type form.  Maybe a DSSSL engine
could use this, or maybe it could look to see which flow object classes the
spec uses.


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