Style and read-only [was: Which style first?]

Terry Allen tallen at
Tue Mar 11 15:48:14 GMT 1997

Henry Thompson writes in response to me:
| >  My question is perhaps off-topic here on xml-dev, and I know everyone
| >  is busy preparing for WWW6, but I ask you all to reflect on it as
| >  an issue that needs resolution later on:  What do I do to associate
| >  a style sheet with a read-only document, e.g., one that resides on
| >  some other server than my own, or that has been digitally signed?
| >  (And assume that this document has a doctype declaration already.)
| Create a stub document with the SAME DTD which has a single top-level
| element which replaces itself (using XML-LINK) with the document you
| care about.

Then the top-level element has to be a linking element, which is
not true of most DTDs.  But creating your own document is necessary,
I think; it may have to be an instance of a DTD that defines the
relations among the things pointed to.  The other approach I can
think of is a MIME type constructed for the purpose.

| Or if you don't like links, like this
| <!DOCTYPE yours PUBLIC "http://<that read-only document's DTD" [
| <!ELEMENT yours - - (rod-top-level-element-name)>
| <!ENTITY rod PUBLIC "http://<that read-only document's body">
| ]>
| <yours>
| &rod;
| </yours>
| and in either case associate the style sheet with your stub in
| whatever way we end up agreeing on.

That won't work if the read-only document has a doctype declaration,
unless XML allows multiple doctype declarations (or I'm missing

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