Indexing of XML documents

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Sat Mar 15 02:24:16 GMT 1997

> When we need to resolve a TEI pointer like (id a23) we may have to scan
> the whole document.

This all depends on who "we" is taken to be.

A web indexing robot doesn't need to resolve tei pointers at all,
except to identify the remote document -- it then indexes the whole thing.

> In general we will wish to cache (index) IDs since
> we don't wish to rescan for another search.
I don't follow this.  Under what circumstances is searching a document for
an ID much more painful than using a cache?  Is this for 100 MByte documents?
(which do exist, by the way, droves.  No, like elephants, in herds)

> When validating a document the IDs, GIs and ATTNAMEs all have to be scanned
> since they occur in VC's.
Not sure what a VC is (validatable context??) but yes, they all have to
be validated.

> Presumably as a by-product of validation we can 
> at least expect a hashtable of IDs (and possibly GIs).  
I think that should be application-specific.

You might provide a hash table interface to make it easier, though.


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