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Sat Mar 22 10:30:45 GMT 1997

Tim, and xml-dev'ers
I am using the Jan 3 version of Lark.  Is there a later version?
If so, the rest of this posting may be ignored at present.

[If the errors are due to my incompetence, please be gentle :-)]

I have some problems at the start of the document:

If I include the magic incantation:
<?XML VERSION="1.0"?>
then doDoctype(Entity e, String rootID, String externalSubsetID)
sets rootId to VERSION="1.0".  If I comment out the
<?XML ...?> statement, then it performs as I would expect.

If I run Lark on a file with no SYSTEM or PUBLIC in the DOCTYPE
it throws an error.


Please don't anything here as a criticism of Lark... (or NXP, or any other
pasrser that might appear shortly).

I think it's very important that by WWW6 NXP and Lark are able
to read a wide range of examples without errors.  The primary task is
that we make sure that we all agree on how to read well-formed 
files.  If someone writes a  DTDless 'XML' file and brings it to WWW6 then 
	- it should parse without errors on all parsers
	- all parsers should inform of at least one error (I assume that
		parser developers are *allowed* to stop at the first error,
		however incovenient this mighty be.)
Ideally we should be able to read torture files uniformly, though I suspect
that certain bizarre constructs can still be created which throw most parsers.


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