Lark, V0.88

Tim Bray tbray at
Mon Mar 24 03:36:28 GMT 1997

I have just promoted Lark V0.88 to:

I have received a long-names zip, so please ignore the comments asking
for one... some weird bug in my win95 is keeping it from working.

What's new:
- dozens of bug fixes (now passes CMSMQ's Torture.xml, among others, passes
  lots of Jon's stuff, except the ones that are not 
- full default attribute processing, as a result of which, there's another
  15k of code 
- does new 몾 unicode character refs
- does new <!--* *--> comments
- it's twice as big.

Still to do:
- parameter entities (yeccch)
- make it into a Java package
- make it into an applet
- spruce up the unicode
- do entities in attribute values

Cheers, Tim Bray
tbray at +1-604-708-9592

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