Entity Value

David Megginson dmeggins at uottawa.ca
Sat May 3 19:43:14 BST 1997

In WD-xml-lang-970331, the following production describes an entity

[9] EntityValue ::= '"' ([^%&"] | PEReference | Reference)* '"'
                  | "'" ([^%&'] | PEReference | Reference)* "'"

Later on, however, clause 4.5 ("Predefined Entities"), states the

  If the entities in question are declared, they must be declared as
  internal entities whose replacement text is the single character
  being escaped, as shown below:

  <!ENTITY lt		"<">
  <!ENTITY gt		">">
  <!ENTITY amp		"&">
  <!ENTITY apos		"'">
  <!ENTITY quot		'"'>

I'm afraid that I do not understand how do the entity values for &lt;
and &amp; satisfy the EntityValue production.  Am I missing something
elsewhere in the draft?

All the best,


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