XDB 0.3 available (XMLized Docbook 3.0)

David Durand dgd at cs.bu.edu
Sun May 4 20:04:47 BST 1997

At 5:21 PM -0700 5/3/97, Terry Allen wrote:
>to Norbert Mikula for pointing out that the %local.foo.foo; parameter
>entities, which are defined with the content "", are illegal per
>XML-lang production 46.  The sole difference between XDB 0.3 and
>XDB 0.2 (which I've removed) is the deletion of these parameter
>entities and an updated copyright notice.
>This change blows away the DocBook customization mechanism.  The
>purpose of distributing this DTD is solely to determine what
>constitutes a valid XML DTD.  Obviously some other method of
>customization will be required (unless the SGML ERB can be
>persuaded to relax its strictures on empty parameter entities).

I want to ask what justification there is, if any, for ruling out empty
PEs? I don't remember discussion of this point clearly (though I do
remember shock when the rule was pointed out).

   This seems like a very bad idea, as Terry's desire for add entities in
is very reasonable.

   Is this fallout of the weird SGML interleaving of entity structure and
content model parsing?

   -- David

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