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David Pawson DPawson at
Tue May 6 12:26:44 BST 1997

In developing some demonstration XML we have come
an issue we would like to resolve, perhaps the experts out
could help.

>From a single source document, marked up in XML, we
need to produce 4 output transforms, braille, large print, html
and typeset.

Additionally, we want (for local use) to be able to 'create'
'document type' (our own definition).

Question: Should we be using the doctype as the switch,
or an input to the output processing application (perhaps as
a command line option).

Our definition on document type goes something along the 
lines of (for one particular use) - an editors note, a report,
a memo. [Seems logical to talk about document type in this

The spec doesn't give 'usage hints' for doctype, what are 
the perceptions from the authors?

We are happy with selectable DTDs' (or not), but should
we be alterning the source document simply to obtain 
output variants? That seems to go against the idea of many
outputs from single source.

Advice would be appreciated

Regards, DaveP
dpawson at

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